Wolves FC Player ID Camp – Summary Notes

Thank you to all the players and families that participated in the Wolves Player ID Camp last weekend.
Marc Campbell presented to players and parents last Sunday on what professional clubs look for in young players. I have included some notes below.
We are also delighted to announce that our partner Metrifit www.metrifit.com have provided our families with a special offer on how to monitor our young players athletic development. Information on this special offer is below.
Next steps are that players will be notified shortly on their selection for travel to England directly or selection for the National Camp in Georgia. We will also be announcing upcoming Wolves North Academy training days once a month and players selected for this program will form the Global Image Sports Regional Squad for Canada East.

wolves fc logoKey Success Factors for Youth Development

Marc touched on a number of key points during his presentation on Sunday on how young players can improve their performance levels. Young North American players must overcome some challenges in order to each the performance levels required at professional club academies in Europe. These challenges are difficult, but not impossible to overcome.


1) Training Hours: Youth players at Wolves complete the following number of training hours, which includes ball mastery, movement preparation and technical/tactical sessions based on 4 phase model. Young players in North America must put additional time in at home or seek supplemental training to reach these levels.


U9/10 – 7.5 hours/week + game
U11/12 – 10 hours/week + game
U13 – 14 hours/week + game


2) Game Understanding: Players at Wolves are taught all four phases of the game (as covered in the camp). Young North American players must be exposed on a regular basis to this type of training. 1v1 Soccer FC follows this training model and we will be offering Wolves North American Academy training days on a monthly basis beginning in August.
wolves philosophy


3) Balanced Training Loads: While young players at Wolves reach a high number of training hours on a weekly basis, rest & recovery is build into training cycles. Rest & recovery, sleep and proper nutrition is considered just as important as training hours for youth development. Our partners Metrifit can provide our players with a tool to help monitor and improve these factors. (see below)


4) Growth Mindset: Players and their families receive growth mindset workshops during the season to reinforce the importance of being open to new learning experiences. Resilience and successfully overcoming set-backs and disappointments is an important factor in becoming an Elite player Learn More


5) Positive parental support. Parents are the most important influence on a young players development. Therefore, it is important to positively support your child in their development and reinforce the same message as the coaching program. See English FA Respect Below


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