“When I was a young boy in Argentina, I played Futsal in the street and in a club.  It was great fun and helped me to become the player I am today“

(Lionel Messi – Argentina and Barcelona)

Why Futsal?

1) Technical Skills - Players touch the ball 210% more than other forms of indoor soccer and experience more 1v1 and 2v1 situations.
2) Creativity - With limited space and constant opponent pressure, players are challenged to develop creative solutions on the field.
3) Vision - With quick speed of play, transitions and the requirement for supporting runs, players must think one or two moves ahead.
4) Passion - Players enjoy the challenge of a fast-paced and fun skilled oriented game that has helped develop the top Spanish and Brazilian players in the world.

- U8-U12 (Boys and Girls)
- 6 Players for U8-U12s
- 10 Weeks: Futsal League. 1 hr games (2x 30 min half's)
- Cost is $225 for non-1v1 Soccer FC academy players.
- Any FUTSAL league player that joins the 1v1 Soccer FC Academy during the Futsal league, will receive the full Futsal league fee off the 1v1v Academy fee