Style of Play: Players


  • Ball Mastery - Capable of close control with quick feet to make quick changes in direction. They must learn creative 1v1 moves to eliminate defenders from the game
  • Passing and Receiving - Capable of playing quick one and two touch passing on the ground with both feet. Can receive on the turn with the aim of playing forward when possible
  • Turning - Capable of shielding and executing sharp turns and accelerating away  from defenders into open space
  • Shooting - Capable of shooting accurately and consistently from different angles and distances


  • Ball Possession & Movement - Ability to retain possession playing one or two touch passing. The ball should be moved quickly and players should immediately make movements to support or receive after playing a pass
  • Transition - Players must be capable of transitioning quickly between attacking and defending situations
  • Build up play from back - In order to establish an attacking rhythm in games, players must be capable of successfully playing the ball out from the back into the midfield areas


  • Speed & Agility - Players must have good agility, balance and co-ordination control and look to maximize their acceleration and deceleration speeds in small-space situations
  • Endurance - Players must be capable of maintaining high levels of performance over the distance requirements of their age-group. This can be developed more at the older age-groups.
  • Strength & Power - These attributes become more important once young players reach puberty. They help injuries and allow players to be more competitive during game situations


  • Respect for the game - Players should respect at all times their coaches, teammates, referees and opponents.
  • Co-operation - Players should fully participate, as part of the team, to help make the soccer experiences of the entire group a positive one
  • Commitment to Learning - Players should demonstrate at all times a "deep thirst for learning" in order to maximize their potential